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Great plans include us!



Considering a renovation or remodel? Include Hallmark Building in your plans. We are experienced in small remodels to total guts, renovating houses from $150,000 to $2,000,000 in value. Hallmark Building has completed full renovations in several Charlotte neighborhoods including Madison Park, Country Club Heights, Plaza Shamrock, Revolution Park, NODA Arts District and Starmount. We are also a top rated contractor for Home Partners of America with over 80 rehabs and turns in 2017.

  • Build - Whether a tear down or an empty lot we can build your custom dream. Hallmark Building has built over 300 new homes since 1994.

  • Sell- If you need to sell your home we can help. If you own a property with deferred maintenance and repair issues, we have the network and resources to help you liquidate and turn equity into cash. We will buy homes in any condition and/or situation. Contact us today if you need to sell!

  • Buy- If you are in the market for a home we can help. We have an inventory of renovated and/or new homes for sale. Also, many times homes with remodeling potential are sold without ever showing up on the Realtor market. These "off market" properties present an excellent opportunity for someone with the patience to purchase, renovate and own with equity. Hallmark Building markets for these particular homes and is connected with a network of sellers offering off market properties. 

  • Develop- John Galarde and Hallmark Building have developed 400 or more building lots and 10 residential neighborhoods. If you own land and want to know how to get the highest and best use from it give us a call. We have structured buy outs, joint ventures and other strategies to help land owners and our clients get the most from their land.